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Australian Workshop Creations - Handcrafted Timber. Wood artist - Andrew WilkersonAustralian Workshop Creations - Handcrafted Timber. Wood artist - Andrew Wilkerson
Timber/Metal handmade gifts & custom made functional wood art. Corporate Giftware hand crafted Incense burners/Tealight holders Desk accessories Business Card holder, Serving trays etc...

Texas Woodcrafts - Wood, LumberTexas Woodcrafts - Wood, Lumber
Native Texas woods ready for use in your crafting projects. Ideal for turning, carving, and small wood projects. Wood species include Mesquite, Huisache, Bodark (Osage Orange), Pecan, Oak, Cherry, and Redbud.

Atlanta Wood Products, your top source for exotic lumber, hardwood lumber, turning blanks, veneers, and woodworking supplies
Welcome to your internet source for hardwood products. is a family of forest product companies specializing in Appalachian hardwood lumber, exotics, plywood, veneers, and wood turning stock. We service customers large and small from our diverse inventory of hardwood products.

Charles E. Roberts - Woodworker
Fine jewelry boxes. Perfect gifts for that special someone. Art boxes of exotic hardwoods, glass, stone and precious metals. Wood and metal inlays.

Custom Furniture, Woodworkers and Cabinetshops Custom Made is a guide to custom woodworkers. Find a cabinetshop to design and build furniture, doors, desks, store fixtures, and custom made woodwork of all types.

Greentree Woodworking Creations
Marquetry jewelry boxes and Engagement ring boxes. Ideal for special gifts for birthdays, weddings and Valentines Day. Custom made inlays for furniture. The Art of Marquetry Video, Marquetry tutorial and Woodworking classes.

Lee Grindinger - Furnituremakers and Woodworkers
Fine Furnituremaker and Woodcarver. Original Hand Made and Hand Carved Traditional Furniture.

Spirit Hill Woodworks - Heirloom Furniture from Heirloom Forests
Jim began woodworking as a way to stay in touch with his roots in the forests of northern Wisconsin, where he grew up. Some friends and family who still live there had access to beautiful lumber harvested in the woods he still considers home. As he took on more and more ambitious projects, he found that the lumber available from most commercial sources was bland in appearance, limited to a very few species, and expensive. At the same time, he found other people with a similar interest in wood who were generous in sharing their sources—a sawmill in the valley of the Iowa River owned by two brothers; a barn full of precious walnut slabs cut from a monster tree decades ago; a pallet recycler who sets aside pieces of exotic hardwoods from Asian, African, and South American ports; a retiree whose hobby is buying and milling logs from urban tree services. As he talked to this new circle of friends, listened to the hometown neighbors talk about working in their woods, watched the work on logging sites, and read about forestry as a sideline to his woodworking, Jim developed his own set of ideas about how wood should be harvested.

The American Association of Woodturners
The Corporation’s Association’s purpose is to foster a wider understanding and appreciation of lathe-turning as a traditional and contemporary craft and a form of art among the general public, hobbyist turners, part-time turners, and professional turners. This will be accomplished by providing education, information, organization, technical assistance, and publications relating to woodturning.

Women In Woodworking
a site designed especially for the growing number of women woodworkers.

Woodworking information, discussions, chats, articles and sources for everything the woodworker needs.

Woodworking at the WWA
Woodworking at the WWA is a great starting point for woodworking enthusiasts jumping onto the Web. Here they can find lotss of great woodworking information they wont find anywhere else.

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