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Oval Nantucket Baskets

The following Oval Nantucket Lightship Baskets are available for special custom ordering:  The Sandsbury Oval Nantucket Basket, the Large Oval Nantucket Basket, the Medium Oval Nantucket Basket, the Offset Oval Nantucket Basket, the Oval Cracker Nantucket Basket, an Oval Business Card Nantucket Basket and the Miniature Oval Nantucket Basket.

Additional customization of these Oval Nantucket Baskets can include hardwood rims, ivory or bone floral scrimshaw knobs or bone or ivory carvings, disks or base plugs.
Miniature Oval Nantucket Basket
Oval Cracker Nantucket Basket
Medium Oval Nantucket Basket
11" Oval Nantucket Basket
Offset Oval Nantucket Basket
Sandsbury Oval Nantucket Basket
Oval Business Card Nantucket Basket
Simply choose a Nantucket Basket which interests you, click the photo and you can read more about the basket in greater detail, see additional photographs, upgrades and options and a current price list.  An order for a Nantucket Oval Basket can be placed directly from that page.

Most oval Nantucket Baskets can be completed and ready to ship within 8-10 weeks.  Holidays require extra time.  The last date for ordering an Oval Nantucket Basket for Christmas is September 15th!  I do accept orders after September 15th, but will not guarantee their arrival prior to the holidays.

These finely hand-woven and handcrafted Nantucket Basket Ovals feature a variety of traditional rattan cane staves or hardwood staves, rattan or hardwood basket rims and superbly carved and finished hardwood basket swing handles attached with bone, ivory or scrimshaw knobs and brass handle pins. 

Additional bone or ivory basket decorations can include carvings in the base or bone or ivory base plugs.

Nantucket-grade cane weaving is very evident as are the traditional Nantucket basketry details such as scrupulously individually spaced basket staves, which are hand-tapered and hand-beveled, tight cane basket weaving and fastidiously carved rattan and hardwood rims, which are pre-drilled and nailed with tiny brass escutcheon pins.

Every Nantucket basket I personally handcraft is signed and dated on the base prior to final finishing.  This final finish includes hand-applied varnish and clipping of any stray cane hairs which are prone to appear during the basket weaving process.  These and many other fine craftsman details set my Nantucket baskets apart from all others.  

Simply choose the photo of the oval Nantucket Basket you're interested in ordering and click it to obtain additional information, details and photos of each Nantucket Lightship Basket.

If you have any questions about these Oval Nantucket Baskets, please feel free to e-mail me.
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