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These Nantucket baskets are each handcrafted with traditional Nantucket basketry details and craftsmanship.  Options such as hardwood rims, bone, ivory or scrimshaw disks and carvings or basket knobs are available.

Hand-tapered and hand-beveled cane staves, meticulously and tightly placed together are a hallmark of my basketweaving skills and Nantucket baskets.  Very compacted cane weaving give these Nantucket baskets an ability to essentially hold water. 

Exquisitely carved and finished hardwood handles, attached with bone or ivory basket knobs or scrimshaw knobs, can also be incorporated into many of these designs.

Every Nantucket basket I personally handcraft is signed and dated on the base prior to final finishing.  This final finish includes hand-applied varnish and clipping of any stray cane hairs which are prone to appear during the basket weaving process.  These and many other fine craftsman details set my Nantucket baskets apart from all others.

When time allows, I work on designing new, contemporary and unique Nantucket basket fashions to add to my collection of fine Lightship Nantucket  Baskets. 

Be sure to see all my other designs available for custom order, such as the traditional Round Nantucket Basket, Oval Nantucket Basket and of course, the traditional and well-known Classic Nantucket Lightship Basket Purse.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

Many of my Contemporary Lightship Nantucket basket and other fine Lightship Nantucket Basket designs are already crafted and are available for immediate purchase at my Simply Baskets Basket Shop!
Pie Carrier Nantucket Basket
Napkin Nantucket Basket
Ice Bucket Nantucket Basket
French Bread Nantucket Basket
Christmas Bell Nantucket Basket
Pin Cushion Nantucket Basket
Market Carrier Nantucket Basket
Lamp Nantucket Basket
Ivory Heart Nantucket Basket
Casserole Carrier Nantucket Basket
Contemporary Nantucket Baskets

These handwoven and hand-crafted Contemporary Lightship Nantucket Baskets in the following Nantucket basket styles are available for custom orders:  Ivory Heart Nantucket Basket, Nantucket Basket Lamp, Pie Carrier Nantucket Basket, French Bread Nantucket Basket, Ice Bucket Nantucket Basket, Market Carrier Nantucket Basket, Pin Cushion Nantucket Basket, Napkin Nantucket Basket, Casserole Carrier Nantucket Basket, the Christmas Bell Nantucket Basket and more!

Simply click the photo of the Nantucket Basket which interests you, and you can read more about the basket in greater detail, see additional photographs and upgraded options available, together with the prices.  An order can be placed for a Contemporary Nantucket Basket directly from the page!
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