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Open Round Nantucket Lightship Baskets

Continuing in the popular antique Nantucket Lightship Basket tradition, I offer the following sizes of Open Round Nantucket Baskets for custom orders - a Miniature Nantucket Basket, a Round Jewelry Nantucket Basket and seven Open Round Nantucket Basket ranging in size from a  3" Round Nantucket Basket, 4" Round Nantucket Basket, 5" Round Nantucket Basket, 6" Round Nantucket Basket, 7" Round Nantucket Basket8" Round Nantucket Basket up to 9" Round Nantucket Basket.  I also offer a 10" diameter Nantucket Round Fruit Basket!
3" Nantucket Basket
8" Nantucket Basket
7" Nantucket Basket
6" Nantucket Basket
Nantucket Jewelry Basket
4" Nantucket Basket
5" Nantucket Basket
Miniature Nantucket Basket
Fruit Bowl Nantucket Basket
Simply choose a Nantucket basket below and click the photograph of the Nantucket Lightship Basket which interests you, and you can read more about the basket in greater detail, see additional close-up photographs and behold what additional customization can be incorporated into your Nantucket Basket.  Your order can be placed for a traditional Round Nantucket Basket directly from that page!

Each of these Open Round Nantucket Baskets features a hardwood turned Nantucket basket base, hand-tapered and beveled cane or hardwood staves, each which has been hand-tapered and hand-beveled, beautiful steam-bent hardwood basket handles and fine and tight Nantucket-grade cane basket weaving. 

Traditional Nantucket basket rattan rims are standard, but upgraded hardwood basket rims offer additional contrast to the look, weight and feel of each Nantucket basket.

Elegant options include bone, ivory or scrimshaw disks and basket knobs with brass handle pins.  These Nantucket baskets are expertly finished with hand-applied varnish and attention to detail.

Every Nantucket basket I personally handcraft is signed and dated on the base prior to final finishing.  This final finish includes hand-applied varnish and clipping of any stray cane hairs which are prone to appear during the basket weaving process.  These and many other fine craftsman details set my Nantucket baskets apart from all others.

As an accomplished Nantucket basketweaver and artist, each hand-crafted and hand-woven basket is signed and dated on the base.

These fine handwoven Nantucket Lightship Baskets lend themselves to many display opportunities and uses.  In many fine older homes, a hanging Nantucket Lightship basket in the kitchen sets the fine and elegant country and antique theme.

Many of these Open Round Nantucket Baskets can be used for a wedding gift basket, an anniversary keepsake gift basket, as a bridal gift basket or a special flower girl basket.  An Open Round Nantucket  Basket would also make a fine corporate gift basket. 

The last date I accept orders for Christmas is September 15th.  Although I accept orders year-round, orders for a Nantucket Basket or a Nantucket Purse received after September 15th can not be guaranteed to be ready for shipping prior to the Christmas holidays.
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