Nantucket Baskets and Nantucket Basket Purses - individually hand-crafted by an experienced Nantucket basket weaver.

Each Nantucket basket and Nantucket basket purse is individually crafted and handwoven with fine quality craftsmanship and traditional Nantucket Lightship basketry details by me personally, then signed and dated on the base.  You purchase the Nantucket Basket directly from the artist!

Lightship Nantucket Basket, Classic Nantucket Purse Basket (also called Friendship Nantucket Basket Purse), Nantucket Handbag, Many sizes of the Oval Nantucket Basket, graduated sizes of the Round Nantucket Basket, a selection of Miniature Nantucket Basket and Contemporary Nantucket Baskets

Take a few moments to see the wide selection of personally hand-crafted authentic Nantucket Basket and Nantucket Basket Purse basketry offered. 
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Why my premium Nantucket Baskets and Purse are the Best:

1.     Authentic - My handcrafted artist signed and dated Nantucket basket and Nantucket basket purses are not available at other online venues, souvenir gift shops, gift basket shops or flea markets, unlike a mass-produced imported Nantucket-style basket.  Each is crafted in the U.S.A. backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2.  Artist Crafted - I personally craft each authentic Lightship Nantucket basket and Lightship Nantucket  basket purse, one at a time.  Each basket, purse or handbag is woven over a traditional hardwood Nantucket basket mold using only the finest quality Nantucket basket weaving materials and traditional Nantucket basketry techniques and craftsmanship.  As these Nantuckets are not mass-produced, you can be assured that your basket will be meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations.

3.  Variety - Many of my Nantucket basket designs can be ordered with hardwood staves and rims, with Nantucket basket knobs and washers of bone or ivory, scrimshaw, bone or ivory carvings and customized Nantucket basket purse plaques or scrimshaw toppers.  Leather (plain, stitched and braided) purse straps are also available as are exquisitely carved traditional hardwood basket handles.

5.  Value - Using only top-of-the-line Nantucket basket weaving supplies, fine quality leather purse shoulder straps, expert traditional Nantucket basketry craftsmanship, and outstanding attention to detail, together with more than a decade of Nantucket Lightship basket weaving and basket crafting experience, make my Nantucket basket and Nantucket Basket Purses a significant value for longevity and elegant refinement and usefulness!

6.  Exclusive - The custom-made hand woven Nantucket Lightship basket and Nantucket purse basket handbag I handcraft are available ONLY by custom order from the Simply Nantucket Baskets website, or already crafted and ready for immediate purchase at my collectible basketry website, Simply Baskets

Unlike a mass-produced and poor quality imported wicker basket and knock-off Nantucket basket, the current and long-term value of my hand-crafted Nantucket basket and Nantucket basket purses should increase each year and will give a lifetime of enjoyment and use.

Please take a few moments to view each of the Nantucket basket and Nantucket basket purses I offer - from traditional to contemporary Nantucket basket styles.  Each Nantucket Lightship basket is described in further detail, including additional close-up photos, available upgrade options and prices.

The last date I accept orders for Christmas is September 15th.  Although I accept orders year-round, an order for a Nantucket Basket or Nantucket Basket Purse will not be ready for shipping prior to the Christmas holidays if placed AFTER September 15th.

For information on the proper care and display of your Nantucket Basket or Nantucket Basket purse, please see Proper Care & Display of your Nantucket Basket or Nantucket Basket Purse.

Read more about a five-part basket series on Nantucket baskets held on the Island of Nantucket.

A limited selection of my Nantucket baskets and Nantucket basket purses which have already been crafted and are available at my Simply Baskets Basket Shop.  Also offered are a wide variety of the following fine artist signed collectible basketry styles: Nantucket Basket Purses, Nantucket Baskets, African Tribal Art Baskets, Authentic Native American Indian Baskets & Indian baskets, Hand-woven Folk Art Baskets, Baleen Baskets from Alaska, Gourd Art Baskets, Hand-crafted Contemporary Baskets, Shaker Ash Baskets and Oak Buttocks Egg Baskets - each available for immediate purchase!

If you are seeking information regarding Nantucket basket making supplies, Nantucket basket weaving supplies, Nantucket basket reed, Nantucket basket books, basket instructions, Nantucket basket molds and wholesale baskets, please see the F.A.Q. page.

For information about basket making, basket weaving supplies or information about available basket weaving classes, or to find a Basket Guild near you, see the Directory of Basket Weaving Guilds by All 50 States page.  A Guest Book has been added for your comments about my Nantucket baskets or suggestions for new designs or options.

Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop has a fine collection of antique quadruple silver plate holloware items for sale!
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