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Nantucket Basket Cocktail Purse

The Cocktail Purse Nantucket Basket - so popular among the young (teen) ladies! Back by popular request for those wishing a smaller size casual purse for everyday use!  This smaller size Nantucket Basket Purse is nicely sized for school, shopping or vacation use!  The Cocktail Purse Nantucket Basket makes an elegant statement for use as an evening handbag.

Featuring a solid cherry wood base, which has been decoratively routed on the bottom and the top side, hand-tapered and beveled cane staves, dyed rattan reed rims.  Two carved cherry wood swing handles are attached to the purse basket with "ivory-like" knob beads and brass washers!

The rattan reed rims are steam-bent over a form for a perfect fit to this basket purse. Lightly stained, then pre-drilled and nailed with thin brass pins, which have been cut flush on the inside and peened smooth.

The removable fabric liner is held in place with an interior removable rim. Drawstring-style with a silk cord and white "ivory-like" closure bead allow safe use of your Nantucket basket purse.

Both the base and the handles of this Nantucket purse basket have been lightly stained in walnut to give additional contrast to the creamy-colored staves and weavers, which will develop that rich, dark patina over the years with loving use.

This darling Cocktail Purse Nantucket Basket measures 7.75" long x 5.5" wide x 3.75" high at rims and 7.75" high at handles. The perfect size for when a full-size Nantucket Purse Basket is too much! And the fabric liner keeps small items from falling out or from being seen or falling out.

Nantucket Basket Cocktail Purse

Although I am no longer accepting orders for the Nantucket Basket Cocktail Purse, I do craft one or two of these per year.  When its ready for sale, you can purchase it directly from my Simply Baskets website.
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Nantucket Basket Cocktail Purse
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